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1. Placing An Order 

2. Payment  

3. Design  

4. Creating/Sending Print-Ready Artwork & Templates

5. Product Descriptions  

6. Printing Info

7. Delivery & Turnaround Times 



1. Placing An Order

Orders can be placed online, by phone or via email.


Ordering Online

This is the easiest way to order! Simply add items to your shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout where you can enter your payment and delivery details.


Ordering over the phone

Give us a call and we'll take your order. Payment can also be made over the phone. Its helpful if you have an email address of your own handy so we can send you an order confirmation. If you do not have or wish to use email, that's fine and we'll contact you via phone.


All orders placed are subject to our Terms & Conditions.


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2. Payment

Your order will be confirmed and accepted when payment has been made via one of the following methods.


Credit/Debit Card

Payment is accepted online or over the phone. We accept a variety of credit & debit cards including Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, & Solo. Your details are not stored on our systems for maximum security.


Cheques & E-Cheques

Cheques can be sent to us via post or as an e-cheque via PayPal only. Your order will not be completed until payment clears which takes up to 5 working days and usually longer for e-cheques.



PayPal is the safest way to send money online. Created by eBay, it is the most widely used payment service on the Internet. Its simple, safe and secure. Payment is sent by simply entering an email address and pressing send. We never see your bank details!


Don't worry if you've never used it before! Signing up is easy, then when registered, simply fill in your details on a secured page and press send to make payment. Easy! Visit www.paypal.co.uk for more info.



Bank Transfer

Payment can be made directly into our bank account via money transfer (wire).


We will email you with our account details if you select this type of payment.


When this has been done, we will require confirmation. You can either wait until it clears into our account or send an receipt to us via post detailing the account number paid into.



Cash/Postal Order via Post

If sending payment by post, we highly recommend that you obtain a postage receipt and send the cash/postal order via a recorded delivery service. We'll give you the postal address when you place an order.


Design/printing will commence as soon as payment is received.


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3. Design

We can create a custom design for you based upon your information, requirements and ideas.

We can still create a design for you even if you do not wish to use our printing services



The Design Process

To order design simply add it to your shopping basket. If you have any ideas or requirements for a design please fill in the box during the checkout process or send us your full event info in an email quoting your order number from your confirmation email. Include any requirements you have such as a colour scheme or desired artwork. If you aren't fussed then you can just let our designers do it all for you. If you do have any requirements however, be specific. If you like the look of another flyer you have seen and wouldn't mind something similar, email it to us along with any logo's or images you would like to use.


When we have completed your design, you will be emailed an image (proof) of it. Here, you should check for any spelling errors or incorrect information. At this point you can either approve the design or ask for any amendments. You can also have a full redesign if it isn't what you had in mind. The process can be repeated another time if required.


When your design has been approved, it will be sent through to be printed.



After your initial design has been produced, you can have it redesigned or amended 2 times. If after this point you are still unhappy with the design a small fee may be charged for any extra design work. This has never happened before and all of our customers have been very happy with the designs produced for them.


5% Cashback / Reflex Advertisement

For every flyer and leaflet design we produce you have the option during the checkout to gain 5% cashback. We add a small "Printed by ReflexMedia.co.uk" to the bottom corner of your flyer when you select this option. The 5% is then either deducted from your total or charged back to your account after initial payment has been made.


Colour Reproduction

When printed, the colours on your flyer may differ very slightly from the ones on your design. This is because of the different ways colour information is shown on a computer screen and on printed material. In most cases, this is unnoticeable. Really bright neon colours used on-screen may appear duller when printed. To avoid this, always design your artwork using CMYK colour mode.


Usage Of Web Images

If you would like to include a logo or image sourced from a web site, it will become pixelated when added to your design. This is because web images are created at 72dpi whereas designs for commercial printing are created at 300dpi. This means the actual size of the flyer design is much greater than the size of an image sourced from a web site. To put it into perspective, the actual size of an A6 flyer design as a JPEG image would be 4 times larger than an 800x600 desktop wallpaper image.


When web images are used on a flyer, they will need to be enlarged which causes pixilation. It can be subtle in most cases. If you are providing web imagery or sending over a logo, please use very large images only.


All images sourced from the Internet may be subject to copyright laws. We will not be held responsible from any images reproduced at your request that haven't been licensed for use.


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4. Creating/Sending Print-Ready Artwork & Templates

We can print your designs for you. Before you upload/send us your design, please make sure you have followed the appropriate steps.


Suggested Programs

We recommend using industry standard design programs for the the creation of your design. Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator are the most commonly used applications for commercial printing. Designs created in office programs such as Microsoft Word & Microsoft Publisher are unacceptable and will need to be redesigned.


All designs must be supplied to us at 300dpi using CMYK colour mode.


If your program does not have a CMYK colour mode, we can convert it for you and send you a proof via email if required.


Accepted File Types

We only accept images in JPEG, TIFF or PDF (x1a) formats. Any other format is unacceptable.


Sending Images To Us

You can email, upload or post your design over to us on CD.


Designs sent via email must not exceed 15mb. You can ZIP up the file if you wish to compress the file size.


If you wish to upload a design for us to download, you can. After the checkout process you have the option to upload your files. Please ensure they are less than 15mb and are clearly labelled with your order number.


Alternatively, you can put your design onto a CD/DVD and post it us. Each image must be no larger than 15mb. Ask us for the postal address if you want to send us your images.


Artwork Sizes

All images should be designed with a 1mm bleed around each edge (3mm for posters) and all info should be kept at least 3mm (5mm for posters) from the end of the final size of the design to prevent clipping from occurring. We cannot be held responsible for any missing text if you have supplied us artwork that does not meet these requirements.


Listed below is the layout sizes your designs should be created to.

This is the finished size of the document with bleed included:


Right-click on a link next to the size and select

"Save As / Save Target As" to download a template 


A7 - 7.6cm x 10.7cm - PSD / GIF

A6 - 10.7cm x 15cm - PSD / GIF

A5 - 15cm x 21.2cm - PSD / GIF

DL - 10cm x 21.2cm - PSD / GIF

Small Square - 10cm x 10cm - PSD / GIF

Large Square - 15cm x 15cm - PSD / GIF

Business Cards - 8.7cm x 5.7cm - PSD / GIF

 A4 - 21.2 x 29.9cm - PSD / GIF

A3 - 30.3cm x 42.6cm - PSD / GIF

A2 - 42.6cm x 60cm - PSD / GIF

B2 - 50.6cm x 70.6cm - PSD / GIF

A1 - 60cm x 84.6cm - PSD / GIF

B1 - 70.6cm x 100.6cm - PSD / GIF

 A0 - 84.6cm x 119.4cm - PSD / GIF

DVD Cover - 18.4cm x 27.3cm - PSD / GIF

CD Cover / Inlay - 12.2cm x 12.cm - PSD / GIF

CD Tray (Reverse) - 12cm x 15.3cm - PSD / GIF

Tyvek Wristbands - 1.4cm x 14cm - PSD / GIF

Vinyl Wristbands - 2cm x 6cm - PSD / GIF


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5. Product Descriptions


GSM - Paper/Card Thickness

GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre. It is used to describe the thickness or weight of the printed material. If you are unsure of how thick a flyer or poster may be, use an ordinary piece of inkjet/photocopy paper as a guide. A normal sheet of printer paper is usually 80GSM, so a 250GSM standard flyer would be slightly thicker than 3 sheets of printer paper held together. (3x80gsm = 240gsm)


Inks & Colour Reproduction

All commercial printed material is printed using a CMYK colour mode. This basically stands for the 4 colours used to make up the thousands of others that can be printed. C=Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow, K=Black. The colours produced on a flyer always slightly differ than the ones on a computer screen. This is because a computer screen uses only 3 colours to make up an image. This is known as RGB mode, R=Red, G=Green, B=Blue. This is why sometimes the colours on a flyer design proof may differ slightly than the ones on your printed material. They are usually slightly less vibrant.


We use industry standard quality inks for the reproduction of your designs that have passed all EU safety checks and laws.


Paper & Card Used

Where possible, we only use premium high quality recycled artboard & gloss papers. All other materials are sourced from sustainable forests.


Product Finishing

All of our printed flyers & leaflets have a clear varnish added to them to eliminate rubbing or smearing of the inks and to ensure durability of the material. The finish is a minimal semi-gloss effect similar to what you may see inside a magazine. We do not print high gloss or UV prints due to their expense and potential damage to the environment.


All laminated business cards have a glossy appearance made from a non-toxic varnish that is safe to the environment and recyclable.


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6. Printing Info


Order & Printing Process

When your order for printing has been placed, you will be asked to make payment (see section 2). Then your order will be processed (placed in the queue ready for printing). You will be emailed an order number and this should then be used for any future correspondence. The expected date of delivery will also be on there.


When your printed material has been shipped, you will be notified via email. If at any point you wish to trace your order, a consignment number can be provided or we can trace it for you. In some cases, your delivery may arrive before the expected delivery date.


Printing in General

All of our printed material is produced on the latest Heidelberg printing presses which are industry standard. The prints produced are Lithographic and are not digital prints for better quality. Our expert team of print finishers ensure maximum quality at all times. Printing is done at our printing warehouse up to 24hours a day Monday-Friday. Prints are shipped for delivery up to 3 times a week.


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7. Delivery & Turnaround Times


Our turnaround times are intended for use as a guide. In most cases, they are delivered before the final day. However, these should not be interpreted as a guarantee. Under no circumstances will Reflex Media aim to meet set deadlines unless confirmed in writing and signed by a senior member of staff.


The turnaround times start from the next working day after payment has been made and/or confirmed.


Design Turnaround Times: 1-3 working days.

Amendments or re-designs at your request may delay this process.


Printing Turnaround Times (Including Shipping)

Flyers, Leaflets & Posters: 5-10 working days

Business Cards: 8-12 working days

CD/DVD Covers: 5-10 working days

Membership Cards: 7-10 working days

Wristbands (Tyvek & Vinyl): 4-7 working days




When your items have been shipped for delivery, we will notify you via email. If you wish to trace your packages, a consignment number can be provided or we can trace them for you.


We use couriers to deliver our printed material. Our most commonly used courier is Parcelforce. This is one of the most reliable and efficient parcel delivery companies in the world.


If you are not at home or in the office to receive your parcels, a card will be left detailing how you can re-arrange delivery or where you can pick up your parcels from. They are usually taken to your local Parcelforce depot in the event of a failed delivery.


Turnaround times for print & delivery do not include the actual delivery date but the date we ship your prints from our warehouse. However, prints are usually also delivered in this time but it is not guaranteed. An expected delivery date can be provided but this is also not guaranteed. We do not provide guaranteed delivery dates and all turnaround times should only be interpreted as a guide.


All orders placed are subject to our Terms & Conditions.


If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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